Use my shouting as motivation - Evans

Last updated : 26 October 2012 By Bigrich.....

Evans gave the Millers a half time rocket in the win over Morecambe in midweek and has had a big impact since returning to the dugout from his six game ban last weekend.

He explains to todays 'Tiser: “I have said to them, take the shouting and grab the content of what I'm saying because it is normally right.

“When we look at the match DVDs we measure the mileage the players have covered and it was colossal over the last two games; probably more than any others this season.

“My job here is simple. I have to produce the best team for the monies available that I can and personalities – who I get on with and who I don't never ever comes into it with Steve Evans and never will do.

“I'll always pick the team to play for the supporters and the club. I have never managed a club with support like this. The expectation levels are massive but we've created that, haven't we? We've created the bomb and we've got to make sure it is ready to go off in April and May.”

Evans added: “I'm still learning about coaches Paul Warne, Andy Dibble and my players and their characters - who is going to be in the fight when it matters and who is going to down tools.

“We've been rubbish haven't we, and the others have been great? Let them keep talking.”