Tony - I'm sorry for this season

Last updated : 22 March 2017 By Millersmad

Speaking to Paul Davis, Chairman Tony Stewart said; “We apologise for the season that has gone and for not giving the performances that we should have done, As a board, we take full responsibility for the shocks that have happened. It certainly wasn’t part of the plan to get into the Championship and then go back down to League One.”

Relegation will more than likely be confirmed in our next game, Tony is looking to next season and looks forward to getting the club winning again.

“The remit of the board and I is to put the smiles back on the faces of fans, We want to give them the encouragement they deserve. Now we need to look forward. Have we lost our ambition? No, we haven’t. We will now prepare like we have never prepared before to ensure we have a team that gives the excitement that took us from the dark days of moving out of Rotherham to the bright days of moving into New York and getting into the Championship.”

Stewart also went on to talk about the Millers transfer policy, and the clubs new aim to sign younger players on their way up, not older ones on their way down, and looked at Barnsley's success.

“With young players, you can have them for two or three seasons, Rotherham have been a club where it’s been like a revolving door. Players have come in and gone out. That has to stop. It’s a waste of resources. Our friends at Barnsley have done a fantastic job. We take our hat off to them, because they have spent wisely and they have deserved what they have got."

“Rotherham will do what Rotherham need to do. Rotherham have eyes. We do look and we will make sure we’re doing the right things that our neighbours are doing. We’ve had managers who have brought in players on a whim. We’re not having that anymore. We’re planning for the long-term future, not just one season.”

“We are looking to make a decision with regard to the way forward. We’ll be having meetings this week. I do think we will be announcing things to the fans after the Sheffield Wednesday game. With six games left after that, whoever the manager is needs to prepare the way forward.”