Ticket prices will be realistic - Lewis

Last updated : 20 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

With only 6 months until the Millers get the keys to the New York Stadium, the commercial departments thoughts are now on Season tickets sales.

The club have teamed up with Empire Stadiums to market the ticket sales thoughout and will have an area in the new RMBC offices next door to NYS where fans can go down and see presentations and buy thier tickets.

With the stadium still being a building site, it obvisouly won't be open to the public to go and pick thier seats and check out the view, so a CGI computer programme has been developed where fans can pick the seat and then see the view on a screen.

Steve Lewis, told the Advertiser; “Over the next four to six weeks fans will start seeing season ticket campaign activity. We want people to be given the earliest opportunity to buy and commit."

“There will be a direct debit scheme whereby they pay an amount up front and interest-free payments to an equal amount spreading out to next February, but payments don't start until April, therefore offering two months interest-free credit."

“We recognise that money is tight and times are hard so this will help the fan spread the cost over the season and commit but not feel the pain of an up-front payment.” .

“I've done quite extensive research on the ticketing prices of South Yorkshire clubs and others within our division and although we'll be in a new shiny stadium, it won't be reflected in the matchday ticketing price, which ultimately derives the season ticketing price." Lewis added.

“People will have much more choice to sit where they can afford. For instance, we'll introduce family tickets in different parts of the ground, such as behind the goal, to make it more affordable. Just because we are moving from one area to another, the fans will be pleased to hear we are not pricing anyone away.”

Meanwhile Lewis also confirmed that the club will be using swipe cards instead of old style booklets and tickets.