The lads put a shift in - Warne

Speaking to the clubs official website, the boss said;“I thought our performance, first-half, was very good. We were the better team and had more possession of the ball, I think. Our set-pieces weren’t as good as they have been but I thought we deserved to go one or two up at half-time. I was really pleased and after the first five minutes, the lads grew into it and got a bit of confidence."

“Obviously they were going to come at us and I thought they had the edge, second-half. But I don’t think my ‘keeper’s made any saves that I can recall."

"Then obviously to get the penalty and them down to 10 men – I’m never a fan of it. I know fans love it when you see a player get sent off. I don’t think it helps the game but I understand why the ref has to do it. But I think it’s harder to play against 10 than it is 11."

“Then they could be a bit more gung-ho and my fans want me to put seven up-front so it’s mayhem! It made it edgier, them going down to 10 men. Overall, I thought we were deserved of the win and we were excellent. If we play that well at home and really battle and scrap the way the lads had to, I think we’ll be okay."

“The quality of player they’ve got and quality of bench they’ve got, it’s going to be a really tough ask of the lads. But I’ve got really good coaches, we set up in a really good way to try and frustrate them and to try and counter-attack. The lads grew in confidence and really fancied it.”

“I didn’t see why the penalty was given but I was pleased, and even more pleased when it hit the net. I can’t honestly say I saw anything but there must have been something because when the ball went into the box, the crowd yelped. The linesman was waving furiously but I didn’t know if he was waving for a foul on us or by us.”

“I’m really pleased, obviously, My two centre-halves; Robbo, unfortunately, picked up an injury this week so he’ll be out for a few weeks. And Sean Raggett who came in and did really well, he’s out for a few weeks. I thought Woody was outstanding, as is Sem who is growing with every game. It’s disappointing for Sem because I like him in the middle of the park more than centre-half but he tidied up behind Woody a couple of times.”