The club is on the rise - Thomas

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Speaking to the Advertiser today, Mark said; "The council and the town needs a community stadium like never before. It's not just about football and rugby. Any self-respecting town should now have a quality sports venue with facilities which benefit the community."

"I am sure the council realise that, without a community stadium, Rotherham would remain a poor relation amongst towns. If built, such a facility would be the most significant regeneration this town has experienced in most of our lifetimes and will benefit the town long after we are all gone."

"This might sound like a political soundbite, but just look around the borough. There are few things to put Rotherham on the map like sport. If you look at the attendances of other smaller-town and lower-divisionclubs, Rotherham United compares reasonably well to most of them."

"Sport, both rugby and football, is one of the best opportunities Rotherham will ever have to spread the town's name nationally."

Mark went on to look at other clubs; "Just about every club that has relocated has seen an increase in attendances. What is clear is that we need to move from Millmoor if we possibly can. It's in the best interests of the future of the club."

Mark also hopes that the football on show will stir some of the floating fans to return to Millmoor on a regular basis; "Quite apart from the understandable need to demonstrate to the council and others that we can fill a football ground, there is another good reason to go turn up at Millmoor this weekend and that is that we are playing some very good football."

"The most important thing to the lapsed supporters we are appealing to is that we are winning and succeeding. The club is on the rise."

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