Team can expect some tough training.

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After a few dodgy results and performances recently, Robbo is looking at this weekend off to recharge the players batteries and come back next week fresh.

Robins is looking at regrouping his squad over the next week; "It's about getting back to it on the training ground and working on drills. With all the games we've had, we've not had enough of that and it's got to be a lesson for all of us that when you have that amount of games, you have to get drills in there and remind people of the basics." he told the 'Tiser

"We've worked hard on set-pieces and on delivery and on numerous bits and pieces. You can see the evidence of some of it on matchdays but at other times you look at it and can't see where you've done the work. We're too inconsistent at the moment."

"We're not keeping ball enough and turn over possession to easily and we're not working hard enough to break teams down and get in behind them. That's what I want my teams to do and if it means spending more time on the training ground next week then so be it.

"We're creating chances but we've a situation at the moment where we've got a bit of a block."

"We're looking forward to the break over the weekend and I think the players deserve it, They can take stock, have a rest from everything and start focusing again on Monday. Playing at Exeter on Tuesday rather than tomorrow gives us that extra time to recover, bearing in mind we're playing at Shrewsbury next."

"The players' thoughts might be on other things this weekend but I'll be thinking about the next game and what we can do to improve and how we can go about it on the training ground. What I do know though is that there's no way the team from a few weeks ago has become a really bad." Robbo added.

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