Taylor earns praise for goal

Last updated : 15 April 2008 By Bigrich.....
Speaking to todays Rotherham Star, boss Mark Robins praised Ryan Taylor for his goal at the weekend and added that the goal will help his confidence.

"That goal, and the way it came about and the way he earned it, should certainly help him, He showed a persistence, a desire and determination to get the other side of the defender. Well done but I want to see that all the time, there's no reason why not." Robins said.

"Hopefully, this was a lesson for him and he'll continue to do that and he should do but who knows? It's up to him. I just think that scoring gives you extra confidence and it should help him go on." he added.

Taylor was pushed out wide after scoring; "He was asked to do a job in the second half that was a little bit different but it was an important contribution to the team. You might not like it or enjoy it but it is a part of the game as much as the normal role,"

"It was just a great feeling to win because of all that's going on - when we win it's like New Year's Eve all over again." Robbo added

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