Supporters club back Maccio bid

Last updated : 28 March 2008 By Bigrich.....
Keep control in the town is the word from the supporters club who have backed Dino Maccio's intrest in the club.

Supporters Club president Howard Hall told todays Advertiser; "We don't want another Anton Johnston situation where an outside crowd come in as speculators. There is no money in the club for anyone. It is not going to make money at its current level."

"The supporters' club is backing the Dino and Alan's bid because their business contacts and Dino's connection with the Booth family will benefit the club and would bring long term stability. They're local, they're fans, and they have the contacts to make it work." he added.

"We don't want to back people who supposedly have mega millions to put in. We've been there before and had promises and they've never materialised and we don't have the confidence they will materialise this time."

"We know there are people prepared to return and invest money if it is under this group's control, whereas they are not interested in doing so with the current board or with outside speculators."

Should Maccio and Cartledge gain control of the Millers, RUSC are looking to introduce a money raising tote game; "Our intention is to set up a new gaming licence," Hall said.

"There will be an operational committee set up to run it on a daily basis, going out and promoting the tote throughout the borough purely for the benefit of Rotherham United."

"Our projected figures are that it will earn £250,000 a year relatively quickly. In reality it should bring in £500,000 a year. That contribution would be ongoing from the supporters' club and they would have a say in how it was administered, but we are only doing it to back the bid from Alan and Dino."

"There wasn't a single member of our executive committee who wanted to wrangle about this idea. They all thought it made logical sense that the club stays in local control and all the profit stays in Rotherham United Footballl Club."

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