Still in a relegation battle - Sharps

Last updated : 21 November 2008 By Bigrich.....
Sharps has now racked up his ton of appearances in a Millers shirt and says despite the good cup runs this season, the squad are still fully focused on the main job - staying in League Two.

"We're still in a relegation battle. We're fourth bottom at the end of the day and we need points quickly. Whatever anyone says or argues, we are on nine points and we've got what we've been given. There's four points to the next team above us, Barnet, so we've some plugging away to do. We know we're better than the sides above us but we've got to prove that.

"Over the course of the next ten games I expect us to pick points up but I don't think you can predict when we'll catch teams.

"It's the longest run of Saturday- Tuesday games I've ever had in my life, We've had it seven weeks running now and mentally it's hard to get up for games but we can't keep looking for excuses. Aldershot played on the Saturday as well.

"Apart from training, it's up to the individual to get themselves prepared for a match. "hrough all this we mustn't forget we are a good team and we are good players. Looking back to the Aldershot match, we started well just like we did at Gillingham last week but once they scored we lost our shape and in the second half we just weren't in the game.

"People have off days and if a couple have off days then you struggle.

"What's gone is gone. We've got to regroup and go again."