Stewart details the 'Jewel in the Crown'

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If you have'nt heard the news, where the &^*& have you been??? At long last, the Millers have aquired the land where we will call home...

The former Guest and Chrimes site deal was completed on Wednesday and chairman Tony Stewart has been busy talking to the 'Tiser.

"In the next three months we will be looking at achieving outline planning permission. By August, we want to have full planning permission and we hope to start work on the site by then, if not sooner."

"There will be models and layouts of the stadium drawn up in the next couple of weeks which will be made public, We have an opportunity to make something that will be iconic and tick all the boxes. We've brought in people with stadia expertise who've learnt from mistakes elsewhere and know how a new stadium should be."

"It will have a rectangular dome design with a 12,000 capacity initially with the infrastructure to extend to 16,000 should we see fit."

"There will be no open corners. They will be filled to boost the atmosphere, keep out the draught and create a comfortable environment; the sort families with kids will want to come to. In line with that, the seats will be spacious and there will be plenty of leg room. The disabled facilities will be at the top level of the ground for ease of access".

"We'll have undersoil heating and, subject to planning approval, modern LED lighting that will add a real glow and make the stadium a landmark. You can do clever things with lighting these days and I will use my expertise in that area to utilise colour affects to the full."

Architects Miller Partnership have been brought into the job by Tony Stewart, and they have experiance of installing 800,000 seats in stadiums throughout the country.

"We've got top people and it's exciting to know that they are going to do a good job, There's an attention to detail there."

"Many will be pleased to hear the new stadium will be eco friendly. Heating and lighting will be designed to reduce the carbon footprint and we'll be utilising recycled water as well."

"Our town needs a football club to be proud of, playing in a stadium to be proud of, providing facilities for our community to be proud of. With the continued support of Rotherham Borough Council, who have been so important in this scheme, we are now working towards that."

Sounds good doesnt it????

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