Stewart delighted to be on board

Last updated : 30 April 2008 By Deano
Stewart, who's company ASD Lighting are part of the preferred consortium that has been approved to take control of Rotherham United, explained that he was approached by the local council to get involved with affairs down at Millmoor.

"It all started a month ago when I was approached by the council who asked me to look and get involved with Rotherham United" he said.

"First of all I looked at the club and the financial structure and then discussed the business plan which wasn't working. I felt it needed someone with professional knowledge to control it's daily spend. My knowledge in business will play a big part in that.

"I then put a business plan to the Administrator and it would appear he was impressed with the package I put together, perhaps because I believe it is a long term fix. I know I have a serious job to do."

Stewart, not a Millers fan but with a keen sports interest, is optimistic about times ahead.

He continued: "I've met with most of the staff and been in touch with the manager. It's going to be a team work situation and I'm looking forward to getting involved. I believe if it wasn't for the minus ten points Rotherham United would be in the play-offs.

"I'm confident there is a solution and optimistic there will be a future. Any company needs experience and knowledge and we are about being successful.

"The Manager, Chief Executive and myself have desire and ambition. I will do what I need to do to take Rotherham United forward. But it's time for the talking to stop now. I'm having meetings with the key people and have a business plan and we need to work to go forward."

Further details are set to confirmed before the final game this weekend with Barnet - as always we'll keep you upto speed.
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