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Speaking in the Tizer this week Millers Chairman Tony Stewart tells how the search for a suitable site goes on: "We have been pursuing three or four sites. One that came to the front was a privately-owned site in Rotherham. We've been talking to the people concerned over the last six or eight weeks. We got excited about it but a week or so ago they came back and said they weren't going to do a deal. That was disappointing because we put a lot of time and effort into it and it was a good site in a good location."

Stewart would not mention the site, but it is rumoured to be land near the London and Scandinavian site at Canklow.

Stewart says more expertise has been brought in to help: "I'm not down but I am frustrated because by nature I'm an impatient person. I've now taken the initiative and called upon more expertise to drive this search forward and look at other areas of Rotherham."

"The problem is, there is land but it is owned privately. The council unfortunately do not own a lot of land but we are examining it more and more. I'm stepping up the tempo. I'm saying, come on, let's get the maps out and let's look at it again."

He went on to say the Council are doing everything they can: "I'm disappointed. When you think, we started looking actively in November, which is when the site off Meadowbank Road became available. This is no criticism of anybody, but I left it to the council and then it went on until April. By then, I found out things were not happening quick enough and I'd lost five months."

"Since April, I have been actively involved. The council are doing everything they can. We're not talking about a three bedroomed house. We're talking about a big stadium and its location is very important."

Even though a year of the four that was agreed with the Football League to get back to Rotherham has passed Tony Stewart is not worried:

"I'm not worried about the timescale," he said. "I'm stepping up the activity levels. In fact there's more activity now than there has ever been. Once we get the location then the fun part starts because you're into design, capacity and the other things."

We will get there: "It's not been easy. It's a one off-deal for Rotherham and under my watch it's going to be right and it's going to take as long as it takes. It'll happen when it happens but what I do know is that we will get there. "The council would not be wasting their time or energy if it was impossible."

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