Stay Positive (but we need results soon) - Tony

Last updated : 27 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

The Millers hopes of moving into the New York Stadium with a promotion under thier belts are seemingly slipping further out of reach, but chairman Tony Stewart tells the 'Tiser that he's not panicing.

"We need to see results soon. Andy Scott works harder than any manager I have ever worked with at Rotherham and we need to put things into perspective.With 20 games to go, we're five points off the play-offs with a game in hand and Andy has only been here nine months. Yes, I'm impatient and yes, I want what the fans want, but we're in a position to go higher and we need them to stick with us." he said.

"I spoke to the players at the stadium site. I told them that it was the future and that if they wanted to be part of it then they needed to be mentally as well as physically strong."

"It's not a panic situation but we do need to see results for the hard work soon. I'm a realist. We're not fulfilling our ambitions and that's a disappointment not just to the manager but to the board of directors as well. The important thing is to stay positive and get behind the team."

"If it takes five years, if it takes ten years, so be it, This is a long fix, not a short fix, and I'm in it for the long haul. The steps have been higher than I thought and sometimes it can be ugly but we are still climbing as a club and we will not fail. We are going to do it." he added.