So pleased for Steve - Circuit

Last updated : 06 May 2009 By Deano
Circuit has been with Brogan every step of his recovery process since his double leg fracture at MK Dons in January 2008 and was delighted to see him return to the first team in Saturday's final game with Exeter City.

"When he ran on there, it was difficult to describe really. I was so pleased for him," said Denis talking to the Star, as Brogan played out the final five minutes as a substitute.

"I saw a player who was down for many, many months with a horrendous injury, although it wasn't that but the complications which set in that delayed his comeback.

"It's been a long, long road and he's worked very hard to get back out on that pitch.

"It says a lot about him as well because there were a few tears along the way in private when we first started rehabilitation with him. But he's shown an unbelievable attitude throughout, driven by a desire to get back again, and it was fantastic seeing him back in the first team.

"You can guide them, do everything but ... he's been so brave. Those tears, the doubts - I think Stephen even doubted at one stage that he'd get back to where he is today, but credit to him.

"I was probably more emotional when he played for the first time a couple of months ago in the reserves.

"The Exeter one was nice in that first-team environment and the reception he got just shows the feeling people have towards him.There was one stage when we were not so confident, when he had problems with the ankle and the lack of movement," Denis continued, "But quickly my opinion changed to thinking he would get back.

"I can understand the doubters because of the horrendous complications but, somehow, I was always confident. The fact Stephen Brogan has the attitude that he has was a massive plus on the way to recovery.

"I don't mind admitting I was proud when he ran on, and it was actually earlier than the timescale that had been set.

"We'd always said keep going and keep July in mind, concentrate on that and being fit and starting with everybody else ready for next season, so to see him involved earlier was fantastic.

"It will have given him such a lift. He'll look forward to his pre-season and hopefully he'll get back into it and be challenging for a first-team place once again."