Smudge urges lads to carry belief onto the pitch

Last updated : 26 November 2020 By Millersmad

Speaking to, the 29 year old say's the team need to take the belief in the changing room out onto the pitch with them.

"We thoroughly deserve to be in the Championship. We are a Championship team so we need to start believing that a bit more ourselves, I think we do have that belief but it is important that we start kicking games off as well as we are finishing them."It is 11 footballers against 11 footballers. Obviously the likes of Bournemouth have a lot of Premier League experience but as soon as you cross that white line, it is us against them and it will come down to whoever wants it more."

"The Gaffer had a good chat with us at QPR and again the day after in the meeting. It is a lot of reiterating to the lads that we do deserve to be here and we are a Championship club for a reason.”

"I think playing in the Championship and the team last time around has definitely stood me, personally, in good stead going back into it this time,” 

"I think I speak on behalf of the lads who were here last time - the likes of Woody, Icky, Crooksy, Joe Mattock and even young Wilesy. We haven't got anything to be afraid of in this league, we just have to attack every game with all we've got."

"It is just transferring that confidence onto a football pitch which is easier said than done but I think we're definitely on the right track.”

Smith looked back on the 3-2 defeat at QPR on Tuesday, where he got on the scoresheet.

"It's always nice to score goals. Unfortunately, we didn't get the win which is the most important thing but on a personal level, it's pleasing to get off the mark, It is good to get the reward of a goal but as I've said it is more about the team. Scoring when you get a result is much more satisfying and at QPR we weren't able to come away with anything."

"Especially at Swansea and Queens Park Rangers the second halves have been some of our most positive performances and we were creating chances, it just wasn't our day on either occasion.”