Smudge signs on til 2022

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first six or seven months here with the lads and to top it off with promotion was unbelievable."

“Hopefully there are many more highs ahead. It's a nice feeling to know the club want to keep up for an extended period. Hopefully there is plenty more to come.”

Speaking to the clubs official website, the 26 year old looked back at the season so far and said; 

“You look at the games we've had and we're looking back thinking that we could have taken more points from some of them, I think as footballers and the kind of lads we have in the dressing room, we're not disappointed, but we're wondering what could have been."

“We could have been much higher up in the table at this point but at the same time we're going along nicely at the minute."

“The gaffer has put that type of group together. Everyone wants to do better, everyone wants to progress and I think with nearly a third of the season gone already we have to keep looking up for the rest of the season.”

“We'll get a few down days. The groin injury that I've got is just inflammation so it's nothing too bad, but the break gives it a bit of time to settle down,”

“We haven't spoken out loud about points targets in meetings. A few of the lads are looking at it like that and that's certainly how I do it in my head and I always have. Whether its goals or getting minutes on the pitch I've always set little targets and I'll keep doing that. I think we're trying to put the season into blocks in between the international breaks. When we get back to it we'll look at the next series of games and try and put as many points on the board as we can.”