Shirt sales unprecidented - Jamson

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

Some fans have been left without a home shirt as the new commemorative kit sales have been rapid, with the next batch not due in until September.

Graham explained to the Tiser this week: “We’ve never had, and never will have, another year like this. Because we were organised and launched our shirts early, on June 1, we’ve already sold 1,000 more shirts than we sold during the whole of last season.

“We’ve sold 3,000 shirts in seven weeks, that’s far quicker than clubs much, much bigger than us.“More shirts were ordered in to cope with the increased demand we expected but the sales we have seen have just been unprecedented.”

This week Graham said that a new batch of home shirts had already been ordered but that they may not arrive until the end of September.: “As soon as the new shirts come into the shop we’ll be letting people know. We’re not taking orders at this stage, because we don’t want to be taking money off people, but we’re taking names and numbers to ensure people get their shirts as soon as possible.”