Semi's Nigeria call-up adds to him - Warne

“Him getting the call up has given him a massive self-confidence boost, he is playing with better players, no disrespect to mine, but there are some great players, it's not like he is playing for Guernsey, he is playing for a proper national team."

“I think it has added to him, not taken away. I know everyone is driven by money, but I don't think Semi is that impressed by somebody's car so I don't think that will affect him. But I do think he wants to get as high as he can and if he didn't he wouldn't be the player I wanted here, everyone who we have here are all on a journey where hopefully they all go on to better clubs and if they do it means me and the coach have done a great service.”

“If Semi has an amazing season and someone comes in and offers money for him, if he has had an amazing season it means the team has done well, If we lose players through their excellence then that has to be a better way of looking at it than if they don't do very well and no one ever leaves."

“You can't run a football club like that. If Semi goes on and gets a move, then as long as the fee is what the club wants and he wants to do it then I will be over the moon for him. I would have the unenviable task of replacing him which wouldn't be easy but that is the same at every club.”