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The 25 year old has been the target of internet warriors (including at least one pleb off this site) on his Facebook page with some making accusations of the striker taking drugs..

Today he hit back and told the Advertiser; "I think a lot of it is down to jealousy. I can't understand why people who don't know me or know what kind of person I am can write these things. It's not nice."

"I had a couple of messages after Saturday saying how crap I was again. It's just idiots. If they want to say I'm crap or whatever then if they are big enough to back it up they can say it to somebody's face. If anyone wants to say something to me, I'll gladly stand and talk to them."

"It was said that I had been smoking pot. That is absolutely ludicrous. I don't touch drugs. I condemn drug-taking and anyone who has taken them shouldn't be in football. They shouldn't be given a six-month ban. They should be kicked out."

Pope, was instantly in the news after his arrival after he was found guilty of affray and sentanced to 200 community hours after an incident in Hanley during Febuary 2009, however Pope insists he is a changed man.

"To be honest, ever since that incident I've probably been out about three or four times and that was just for people's birthdays, I tend to stay out of the way now. I've moved to Derby with the missus and we've got a little 'un on the way. I just try and keep my head down and keep out of it. "

"Obviously, it hasn't gone as well as I would have liked here but I am still trying my best and still working hard. I haven't said anything bad or done anything bad."

Pope also slated the fans that had a go at team-mate Ryan Taylor last season; "Ryan has had a lot of abuse off the fans and is now playing well, he's probably our best player, The fans have got to find somebody to boo and if that's me then fine because I would rather it be me than someone like one of their own like Ryan who is a local lad and loves the club. "

"Ryan is probably my best mate at the club and I think the criticism he has had has been absolutely ridiculous. I said from day one how good a player he was. I think some Rotherham fans aren't happy unless they're booing somebody, that's my honest opinion." he added.

Meanwhile, Port Vale are reportedly intrested in taking Popey on loan, something that excites him, given that he's a Vale fan!

"If the gaffer gives me a chance to go out on loan and get some games then it is something I would like to do, especially as some decent clubs have been interested. It would be nice to stay at this level and get some games and confidence and start afresh, a bit like Ryan did at Exeter last year. He came back a completely different player and that can happen to me."

"Port Vale is a club I have supported all my life and if the chance came to go there and the gaffer was willing to let me go out then I would love to." he added.

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