Rochdale boss Hill in 'arrogance' irony

Last updated : 11 March 2018 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Star, Rochdale boss Keith Hill let fly; “When you come to big clubs, there is an arrogance, and rightly so. I’m not saying it’s a bad arrogance. It’s a good arrogance. They were expecting to beat us today."

“I spend a lot of time outside the changing rooms on matchdays. The general sense in and around the stadium, from the staff, was that they were going to roll us over. I heard some of the staff talking about them winning 3-0 today, then it was: ‘Well, we ‘ll give them a goal and call it 3-1.’

“Karma’s a strange thing, isn’t it? It wasn’t anything to do with karma today. We were just miles better than them. Miles better.”

Meanwhile, Warney played it down; “I’d like to think he doesn’t think the coaching staff are arrogant, When he says ‘staff’, it could be security staff around the ground, it could be someone in the tunnel, anything."

“None of my staff at any time thought we would be winning 3-0 or 3-1. We’ve been banging the drum all week about what a hard game this would be That definitely hasn’t come from my lips and I haven’t heard any of my coaching staff say that.” he added