Robins - It's dissapointing, we don't like it, but we'll move on.

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Speaking to Radio Sheffield after news broke of the clubs appointment of an administrator, boss Mark Robins was still upbeat of his teams chances for glory this season.

"It's very very dissapointing with the news today, I spoke to the players before the game on Saturday and got a massive response from them and then this happens."

"It's been hanging over us for a little while and we can either sulk for a while or go out and win the last eight games of the season and what an acheivement that be to go and qualify for the play-offs now with 10 points taken off us. And its still well within our grasp. We've just to stay together now more than ever and including the fans in that. Even though they will be feeling down, we've got to look forward and get on with it. We've just got to get on with it and do our jobs."

"I'll speak to the players tomorrow and put all the issues to one side and get on with the job, as I've said before we turned the corner on Saturday and we've got to maintain that now. Yes there is dissapointment with the ten points but we've got an opportunity to prove to people that we are good enough to get in the play-offs at least and make sure we try and finish in the play offs, because what an achievement that would be and there is a possibility that we can do it."

"If we play like we did on Saturday, if we can maintain that focus and I'm sure we can - we've got good players at the club.

"Everything that has been happening has taken its toll, now that has come to a head we have to accept it, although we don't like it and move forward. It's the only thing we can do.."

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