Robins - It will be different next time...

Last updated : 01 April 2009 By Duke
Plans have already been laid for next season's campaign, with the Millers starting the season on an equal footing they will be expected to be challanging at the top.

Robins, speaking to The Star said:
"It will be different next time when looking to strengthen the squad," said Robins. "Last summer, we were trying to get players in after all the financial problems, with no ground, no training ground and starting with a points deduction.

"Our challenges were different to the rest and we had to overcome them by whatever means.

"Thanks to great efforts by everyone, particularly the players, and splendid support from the chairman, we have met all the challenges. No one outside the club can really judge what we've had to do.

"Other people may talk of budgets and squad sizes but we are nowhere near the highest budget in this division. It was hard but what has been done here has been done and balanced the books."

He went on to say: "It is a challenge, yes, but an honour and privilege to be managing this club and I treat the job with respect.

"I'll do the best I can do but I've made sure I've been within the constraints that I've been working under and done what I needed to do within the parameters set.

"Things change in football on a frequent basis and, in the current financial climate, who knows what effects it will have at our level.

"Players became available earlier than might have been and we have a new flexibility in how we've been able to react to the market."