Robertson faces 3 month lay off

Last updated : 22 October 2020 By Millersmad

Talking to the Star, boss Paul Warne says that he's disappointed for the scotsman who had been impressed the gaffer so far this season.

“I think the games he has played in this season he has been good for us, so it is disappointing for Robbo, and a big blow for the team, I feel for the kid, he has been in good shape this year and he has just been blighted by an innocuous challenge that has done severe damage."

“It is really hard for him and a big blow for everyone. It can happen all the time, we are in a contact sport, but it is just a pity that we probably won't see him in a game for the next four months."

“It is heart-breaking for him, especially after last year as well. It is a difficult time but we are here to support him and he knows we are here for him."

“That is the sad part of professional football when you are out injured and all you want to do play and you can't, it's tough for him. He will get the arm around the shoulder, even if he doesn't want to in these social distancing days."

“I think this will hit him the hardest because he had similar sort of situation last year and he was out for a period of time. He got himself in good physical nick and from a psychological point of view it will hit him harder than the previous injury, We are well aware of that, we have got sensitive staff and we will support him all the way.”