Randall's a gamble, but I've seen him and he can pass. - Ronnie

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Speaking in todays Advertiser, Ronnie told of how good Randall was while playing for Arsenal Reserves and in the Carling Cup, and hopes the 21 year old will be able to adjust to the 'cloggers' of league 2.

"I can say he's a great passer and can do this or that but can he cope if two big lads are chasing him and kicking him? Can he then go and find a little bit of space to get on it and pass it?" Ronnie wondered.

"I don't know what he's going to be like in League Two. I know what he's like playing in the Carling Cup or when he has space to do it, but you will never know until you bring him in. They are what your gambles are all about. You don't know the answer to that, so do you sit on the fence and not take a chance on him because he might not be able to do it or do you take that chance? "I just hope he comes and does it now. That's the big thing." he added.

Ronnie admitted that Randall took his eye while he was watching Donal Mcdermott and Kelvin Etuhu for Manchester City reserves against Arsenal reserves.

"All of a sudden I thought, 'whose that there'?. Randall played central midfield and sprayed it all over. He went deep to get the ball off the centre-backs and played 60-yard balls inside the full-backs straight to the winger. He had a fantastic game. It might be the best he's been but I've seen what he can do." Ronnie said.

"He's not overpowering physically but he has a fantastic range of passing and he sees a pass. You don't play for Arsenal if you can't play."

Moore went on to thank Arsenal and their assistant manager Pat Rice along with his own Chairman Tony Stewart for making the deal do-able; "It's brilliant for the club that Arsenal have allowed a player who has played 13 times for them to come here. It's a great thing for the lad too because he wants to come - he fancies it. We knocked on certain doors and got good feedback from the manager who was willing to help us out with it."

"He's a big earner and our chairman has backed us and allowed us to do it. It's nice we have got someone of that calibre. He will give us the Arsenal type of player. The only problem I have now is, who plays with him." Ronnie added.

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