Promotions still there to be won - Lids

Last updated : 27 March 2011 By Bigrich.....

“The lads will respond. They’ve got to. A lot of people saw Friday’s game and the players are hurting. They didn’t got out to play that way intentionally. It happens, you deal with it and get on with it."

“We want total commitment from the players and we will get it. It’s not like I’m coming in fresh. I know the players, I’ve got belief in them and we can get into the top three."

“In essence, we’ve two first teams here and the most difficult thing is picking the team. Whatever one we put out there, it will be positive and it will be committed and hopefully it will get where we need to get.”

Lids thanked former boss Ronnie Moore for giving him a chance to coach the team; “I will always be grateful to Ronnie because he gave me an opportunity to work on the coaching side with him and Jimmy  and I learned a lot from them, as I have other managers,”

“Hopefully I can use some of that with the games we’ve got left.”