Postponments would have killed us before - Douglas

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Speaking to today's 'Tiser, he said: "We're running out of spare Tuesdays to arrange games. We already have nine matches in March and that includes a run of four on the trot at home.

"It's nice from a point of view that we will have plenty of home games but the downside is that some people can't afford to come to so many in such a short space of time, especially if we're not winning.

"Tuesday's postponement was difficult for us. We're not a big club and we rely on matchday income rather than TV money and central fundng.

"For most small businesses, cash flow is always a critical factor. Luckily, we have a financial buffer now to get us through this sort of thing. I dread to think what would have happened if this had occurred two or three years ago."

Douglas added: "We have been working closely with the people at Don Valley and they have been very reasonable and co-operative and there's been no big charge for wastage. Strangely enough, there has not been as many pitfalls as if we HAD owned our own stadium.

"In the case of the two postponements against Bury, we had people to cancel like the ambulance service, club doctors and the security people who handle the match takings, but they were all informed in good time. The losses were negligible.

"Last week Barnet knew we were travelling down on the Friday so they tried to get a referee in early to look at the pitch but found it difficult to do so.

"Our players were still training at Derby when the news came through but we were able to cancel our hotel at no cost and the only fee we incurred was a small one for the bus which we will be able to claim back from match receipts from the rearranged game."

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