Positive Chieo aims to come back stronger.

Last updated : 15 October 2020 By Millersmad

The popular winger will be missed, but speaking to themillers.co.uk he tell the fans that he's in a positive frame of mine and is on the road to recovery.

“I’m really good, emotionally, mentally and physically. I’ve got a lot of good people around me to help and I’m really positive about it. I feel like things will get better soon, The surgery was very successful, each and everyday I’ve been getting better. The swelling has gone down and I’m pain free, which is very important." he said

“The gaffer let me know his full support is with me and just encouraged me to stay mentally strong. Every player goes through this journey and now it is time for me to through it."

“I’m quite emotional and the players around me know that. Straight away the players have rallied around me and reassured me. That’s why I’ve been coming into training, I want to be there, and I know each day I’m getting better and better. I’m really blessed that I’m in this environment where everyone is looking after each other. No one gets left behind here, sometimes I feel like I’m not even injured around them."

“I’m really excited to get back and show what I can be and trying to help the team achieve their goals. I’m going to use this time wisely to make myself better when I come back.”

Chieo spoke about the support he's had from fans via social media; “It’s always good because it makes it feel like you’re not alone and these journeys are very tough for every player to go through, When you’re stable mentally and everything is going well time passes very quickly, next week it’ll be two weeks since the surgery and that has gone by quicker than I realised.”

“With all the support I have around me I feel happy everyday to be waking up and the excitement of knowing that I can come back stronger is keeping me going.”