Pitch upkeep tough going - Davison

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With Sheffield Eagles rugby league side set to start their season this week and non-league outfit Parramore Sports FC still using the DVS surface, the pitch will take some wear and tear from now until the end of the season.

Jim explains: "All football groundsmen have been moaning this winter for various reasons. "The heavy rain we got in November, December and January was bad enough because we weren't able to get on with repair work. All you can really do is roll the surface when it's really wet.

"As we stand at the moment, things are unsure. Low temperatures are forecast for the rest of the month and the use of the pitch for rugby and another football team is an extra challenge.

"With our reserve matches to also fit in, we look like having two games a week on the pitch between now and the end of the football season and it's tough trying to keep it in condition.

"The Don Valley ground staff are nice people and provide support and if we can get a spell of nice weather then we stand a chance."

Of the Bury postponment last Tuesday, Jim added: "We called the referee in on the morning. He came and inspected it at 10.30am and asked me what I thought.

"I had people ready to move the snow off the pitch but I was concerned about the temperature falling after tea time. It was around -3 by that time and we might have ended up calling it off in the evening, which would have been no good to anyone. If it had been a 3pm kick-off we might have been alright.

"The best thing was to postpone it and have another try next Tuesday."
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