Palmer still in Warnes plans

Speaking to the Star, boss Paul Warne gave his thoughts on Matty Palmer.

“I really like Matty and what we brought him in for, it worked, He came in in January and after he got into the team he was a big part of us going up, he helped us collect a lot of points."

“This year he hasn't had as much game-time, but in fairness our two best performances at home he played in both. So I haven't lost any love or respect for him, it's just the others have done really well.”

“The Middlesbrough game I put Wilesy on because he is the most athletic, He does get around the pitch and I think he is going to have a great career. If he didn't have such great players in front of him I would have no shame in playing him every week.  If it was a game where we were 1-0 up and we needed control of the ball and tempo I would have put Matty on, it was just the fact that I don't compare them like-for-like, they are different players for different situations."

“I do like Matty and once he gets in the team he will be difficult to shrug.”