Nobody's going on the cheap

Last updated : 02 July 2019 By Millersmad

"No-one has come in with anything of great significance so far," Warne said. "It would have to be a substantial bid for either to go. Neither have said they want to go." Warne told the Tiser

"If there are substantial bids and we accept them, we do have replacements in line. If Smithy starts the season playing as well as he did last year and also scores a few goals, it could be that a bid comes in for him in January."

"Semi is essential to us. If I lose Semi, I lose a centre-half, a midfielder, a right-back, someone could can play in a back three. I'm trying to sign players who can play in more than one position."

"I know I'm blowing our own horn, but here is a good place to be, a good place to play. The lads like being here. They're not pushing down the door to get out. However, if an offer comes in that is more than fair and is going to help the player's life, we won't stand in their way."