Noble full of praise for Evans

Last updated : 17 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

The former Exeter midfielder told todays Tiser:  “He doesn't care who you are or what you've done. He'll pick the players that are playing the best at the time, which needs to happen. Otherwise, what are players training for or playing well for if they're not going to get a chance?

“Everyone will have played in teams where you know it's going to be the same team no matter what the performance, I don't think that's right. That won't be the case here.

”It's essential for a team to get off to a good start and build a structure to perform on. I have had managers in the past who have said that if you look at the stats after the first four or five games and then later in the season, not a lot changes, so we'll be wanting to make that good start.”