No holiday for Brogan

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The seasons end is coming, and while all the players will be making the most of the close season, Stephen Brogan will be grafting hard as he recovers from the broken leg he recieved in febuary.

Speaking to the Advertiser today, the 20 year old said; "All the lads will be going on holiday as soon as the season finishes and I'll be at home or at Lilleshall. I'll miss going away but I've spoken to the gaffer and he's given me ten days off in August which is a bit of a bonus, so I'm going to go away with some of my friends then. It's something to look forward to."

At the moment Brogan is finding the same routine monotonous; "Doing the same thing day in, day out, can be a little boring but I've spoke to people like Andy Warrington who has broken his leg before and they tell me that's how it is, If you want to get back you've got to be prepared to put the work in and if it's repetitive, so be it." he said.

"I've been walking without the crutches for about a week now and it's a massive lift for me. It's still obviously a bit of a limp and it's not a comfortable walk, but it's an improvement and the longer it goes on the better it will become."

"I'm living my normal life now, going out with my mates, playing a bit of poker, going to the cinema and playing the Playstation 3 that the lads bought for me."

Stephens rehab steps up next week as he visits Lilleshall; "I'm looking forward to it, I've spoken to a few lads who've been down there and they've said its hard work but the main thing is to get my leg right."

"I'll be there for four days to begin with and then I'll be back home for the weekend. In total I'll probably spend about four weeks there throughout the summer."

Mum Eileen say's that Stephen is back to himself, "There's been times when he's been down but he's definitely returned to his old self now, having me running around after him. He's been through a hard time but his sisters, Johanna and Megan, have rallied round, as has everyone in helping him with his recovery."

"He's been a really good patient right from the beginning. Stephen's tried to help himself and although I say he's had me running about after him, he's tried to do as much as possible. Normal day things like washing himself have been a struggle but he's persevered with it and I'm really proud of how quickly he's come back." she added.

Meanwhile, Dennis Circuit the Millers physio praised Brogans hard work so far; "Stephen is doing really well and is showing the right attitude. It's hard for him because there's only so much he can do at the moment. The bone usually takes between four and six months to heal, which limits the amount of stress you can put on it. That said, either myself or another member of staff will continue to work with him throughout the summer to help him get back to fitness."

Stephen finished with a look back at the season; "We were up at the top of the table, which was a great feeling for me. The couple of seasons before that were difficult, I was playing in a losing team and it wasn't a good situation."

"Personally this season was going well for me and scoring a few goals was fantastic. The highlight was probably the free-kick against Wycombe as I had a lot of family and friends there watching. The game against Sheffield Wednesday on Sky was a great atmosphere, even though the result didn't go our way."

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