No ground share for Millers & Titans.

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It had been expected that the proposed new community stadium at Parkgate would be home to both Rotherham United and Rotherham Titans Rugby club, however after a meeting this week between both clubs and the council, the news was that 2 grounds would be needed.

Millers chairman Tony Stewart told the 'Tiser; "We have had a constructive meeting and we have agreed that the needs of rugby and football are different and therefore we need to seriously consider two facilities."

While Titans chairman Nick Cragg said; "We have aspirations for Rotherham Titans and want to see the club succeed, The nature of top-flight sport places high importance on the type of facility that is used and we should be confident that any future development can accommodate us appropriately."

"Titans will continue to work with the local authority and others to identify ways to take us forward in the future." he added.

Council cheif Exec Mike Cuff told the 'Tiser that the latest talks were based on the needs & requirements of both clubs.

"We are keen to see quality sporting facilities in Rotherham and we will work with both clubs to help them meet their aspirations and needs, We are determined that each is given the opportunity to develop proposals for facilities that they want and are able to make the most benefit from-not only for their players but also for their fans and future development of their clubs and sports in the borough." he said.

With both clubs needed a new ground to progress, Millers chief Stewart added; "I want to see Rotherham United return to play in Rotherham as soon as possible and we have to look at how that can be done."

"These are early stages and whatever the answer, we will embrace the needs and wishes of the community and do whatever we can for the local community as and when we have the right specification for football." he added.
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