New deal for JCH not a given

Last updated : 13 April 2017 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Star, Warne said that there isnt a new deal for JCH just becuase he's back from injury, he needs to earn it.

“If he performs to the level and proves that he wants to be here, then potentially a contract could be there, But if he doesn’t do that, I don’t think the club have an ethical responsibility to offer him a new deal."

“If Jono gets back to his best or shows he is getting back there, I would presume there would be something there for him. If he would accept it or not is another thing. Footballers are complex characters."

“He has been unlucky this year, I need to see him in games. He has to try to impress all of us or potential employers elsewhere. I don’t honestly know which way that will go yet.” Warne added.