Nard's proved himself - Evans

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After the striker scored the Millers equiliser in Tuesdays 2-1 win over Morecambe the 30 year old striker cupped his ear to the Millers dug-out.

The response pleased gaffer Steve Evans rather than irritate him, he explained all to the Star today.

“I told him at half-time that he wasn’t working hard enough, I saw an angry Daniel Nardiello for the first time at half-time. It wasn’t shouting and bawling and I wasn’t in his face. It was about bringing a striker in and people having to show me why I shouldn’t!"

“He put his shirt back on, had a drink of water and I shook his hand as he went out for the second half and said ‘Go and show me’. Well, he showed me, didn’t he? I love him."

“He showed me on Saturday, He showed me on Tuesday. He’s to show me against Plymouth on Saturday. But that’s not just him - the standards apply to everybody."

“He’s a bright young man and probably thinks about the game more than most here. He probably beats himself up if he’s not playing or has been taken off. He’ll come and ask and I love that.”

Evans admitted that he's still learning about his team and Nard's; “I’m learning about Daniel Nardiello, about players. Perhaps a month or so ago I’d have taken him off at half-time.”

He added; “We, they, are learning about each other all the time. We’re getting there."

“They probably think by bawling and shouting that I’m overreacting. But what’s the opposite? Underreacting. What’s that? That you don’t give a damn. Well, I certainly do. So take the shouting out of it and grab the content because the content is normally right. Just check the dvd.”


Source - The Star