My gambling days are over - Roberts

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Roberts knows all about gambling, for him it turned out to be an addiction that was ruining his life as a professional footballer. Sacked by Yeovil Town after tuning up to an event the worse for wear, it looked like that might be the end of a footballer once talked of being a player in the £1 million bracket.

Gary has spent time at the Sporting Chance clinic set up by Tony Adams, and he is positive it has helped rid him of his addiction. He is determined that now given the chance of coming to the Millers will prove to be a sure bet. Garry explained in the Advertiser this week:

"I lost my way through gambling. That was the main thing. OK, footballers do have free time but that's no excuse. I fell off the rails and I'd be lying to you to say otherwise. "The whole experience made me appreciate what I'd lost. I had no-one to turn to. It was just my family. Then I admitted I had a problem. "I owe it to my family to progress but more importantly I owe it to myself."

"I don't gamble anymore," Garry said. "I've put that behind me and I've turned my life around. I just want to get on with my football now and get back to where I was at 16 and 17. "While I was at Crewe there were a lot of clubs in for me from the Championship and the Premiership but there's no need for me to cry over my sorrows".

I'm at Rotherham and I can assure you I'll have a lot to offer to Rotherham United Football Club with my head being straight. "I'm starting out as I mean to go on. I want to get a regular starting place and see where it goes from there. "I feel great in myself. In fact I've never felt better. "Rotherham have given me a second chance. There were other clubs in for me but I chose here. "I've never won anything-not even at gambling- so it would be nice to win promotion back into League One because it is better than this one."

League Two is hopefully just a springboard for Garry to play at a higher level, Moore will be hoping that higher level will be with the Millers.

"Every footballer thinks they can play higher. I don't just think I can, I know I can, but I'm here where I am and I'm here for a reason so I'll just knuckle down and give it my best shot. "It's down to me. No-one else."

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