Mullen's freezing time

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Mullen is much travelled in his time in the game as a player and manager in a career spanning 40 years and has had to train and play in some trying conditions.

He explains to todays Tiser: "It's a long time since I've known a spell as bad as this, during my time at Sheffield Wednesday, I remember that one winter was particularly bad and we were lucky in that we had a big gymnasium at Hillsborough. That was a rarity in those days.
"At Aberdeen, you'd get used to having two weeks of snow but we had undersoil heating at Pittodrie and matches would very rarely be cancelled. The last time I can remember the weather being as bad as this was round Christmas 1981, when I was still at Rotherham and we went many weeks without a league game.

"It was a nightmare then and it still is now, not just for us but for all clubs. Apart from anything, it can be a real headache trying to find training facilities to keep the players sharp."

The Players are having to spend much of their sessions playing on astrturf, which brings it's own problems, Jimmy explained: "It's not as forgiving as grass and if a player has a history of ankle problems, it very quickly finds them out. It can cause other players to pick up aches and pains and that's why it's important not to overdo it."

The match with second placed Bournemouth being called off was a disappointment for all: "It's desperate at the moment," he said. "It's not just us. A lot of football is going to be called off all over the country this weekend. Saturday's game was against a top side and the lads were really looking forward to it.

"When you get snow, you hope it comes before a frost because it can protect the pitch from it. The trouble is that we have had snow on top of a frost. This break is frustrating for everyone and the sooner we can get back to playing, the better."

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