Morris to finally arrive

Last updated : 03 March 2017 By Millersmad

21 year old Carlton Morris has had his move to the Millers delayed by a hamstring problem, but already Warney would like to secure his services on loan next season, even in League 1.

After a few weeks of, 'next week' the striker is expected to join up with the Millers next week; “We’ve had this for around six weeks and I keep saying ‘next week’, You won’t be surprised to hear my answer again is ‘next week’." Warne told the Star.

“I’ve been told by the manager and the player that it’s definitely next week. He signed a new contract there yesterday. Hopefully, I’ll welcome him here on Monday." Warne added.

“Ideally, he’ll come in, fall in love with the club, do really well and score goals, my charisma will win him over and, potentially, he’ll want to stay and have a season-long loan. That’s the idea.”

“The reason I got him in is because I wanted a striker. I’ve seen him live and on video and I really like him. The people at Norwich really like him. He’s a bit like an Alex Revell character. He’s probably not as good in the air but he’s competitive and he’ll run everywhere. He’s pretty aggressive. He’s the sort of player I want here. I want young, athletic people who want to play football.”