Minus 15 on its way??

Last updated : 18 July 2008 By Bigrich.....
The new chairman tells todays Advertiser that the club are bracing themselves for a points deduction after the CVA failed.

"The facts are that we didn't get the CVA through in time for last week's expiry date. That means we will have to wait for news from the League, but I have to remain optimistic about things."

"It will be disappointing if that happens, especially after all the support we have had in turning the club around." he told the 'Tiser

He also took the chance to lightly criticise the powers that be in their handling of the lower league clubs how have endured financial problems.

"When clubs like Rotherham have gone into administration and then come through it, there should be an impetus of encouragement. They ought to forget about what's gone on in the past under previous chairmen and look to the future instead," Tony said.

"They should be looking at ways of supporting clubs. They have tried to do their best to keep the club alive at Luton and find themselves stating on minus 30 next season," he added.

Meanwhile the club are in talks over the bond required for thier move to Don Valley. tony was confident the bond can be agreed and welcomes it; "I don't mind the idea of a bond system because it will encourage clubs to watch their finances. It's better for a trip wire to be put in place before the event rather than afterwards," he told the 'Tiser.

"In the meantime I would urge fans to stay with us, starting with tomorrow's first-ever game at Don Valley. We are looking forward to a good response and understand that quite a few people from Sheffield and the Barnsley area will be coming, because it is a historic day for the club." he added.
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