Millmoor?? - Not on my watch - Stewart

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During the Football Heaven phone-in, Tony was unevitably asked about the new ground or a possible return to Millmoor.

Again Millmoor was ruled out as a possibility, but things are moving in the right direction Tony said.

"We've indentified 2 sites and in the last 6 weeks things have been exciting because things have been happening, but we're still getting through this 'trip-wire' because its all about planning and I've got meetings tomorrow and next week and we're getting closer to it."

"When you market new stadiums, it works for the club. It gets juices flowing and people excited and I'd love to be able to deliver the message but I don't want to go on record saying it's going to be 2 or 3 weeks, all I know is it's close trust me."

"The training grounds happening and thats going through the legals at the moment."

"Regards the stadium there's 2 sites and they're exciting sites. Rotherham Borough Council want us to have one of the two sites, we've never had that before. I would like to say it's weeks away, I feel in my bones that it could be 3/4 weeks away but what I don't want to do is give out a message that I've promised this, all I can say is it's getting hotter and nearer and I'm excited."

"I've got a meeting on Monday and on Friday, things are working towards that final situation."

"We've been talking about costs of purchasing a certain peice of land, obviously it's not just the cost but its also subject to the planning. There's things like ground contamination, it's not got to have famous frogs jumping about etc, its diffficult to get all that but we have jumped a lot of the hurdles already."

"I can't reveal the cost because there is third parties involved and if they're listening to this it could jeopodise the discussions. I've had dissapointments on the other sites I have to say, but I just feel in my water that with these two sites and the discussions we've had with the council and third parties that I'm not going to be disappointed."

Tony wouldnt give the location away, but did say they were central-ish.

"Under my reign, it will not be Millmoor."

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