Millers to face possible further 15 point deduction?????

Last updated : 28 March 2008 By Chris_grist
Today's Rotherham Advertiser is reporting that The Millers are facing a possible deduction of minus 15 points at the beginning of next season. Following on from last weeks 10 point deduction due to the club being entered into administration for a second time in two years, the club now possibly face a further 15 point deduction, which would kick in at the start of next season.

The reason behind this is because of the current financial situation that The Millers find themselves in. Now the club need to be able to negotiate a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA), which is the exact same thing that they had to two when the club entered administration for the first time two years ago.

The 'Tiser goes on to say that to avoid further points deductions, the clubs current creditors will be asked to take so many pence form the pound, in order for the club to come out of administration. However now the club finds itself in the situation where to activate a CVA they need to find the people responsible for 75% of the debt to come to an agreement on the matter. However, the current biggest creditor this time around to the club is the Inland Revenue, and it is a possibility that the Revenue would not agree to a CVA. If this is the case, then the club would be sold to the highest bidder.

This would leave the Millers facing the heart breaking possibility of losing 15 points at the start of next season, which would make the coming up campaign all the more difficult no matter what division the Millers will find themselves in.
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