Millers reject former directors help... Claim & Counter Claim

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Former director Dino Maccio who originally took over the club with Denis Coleman a couple of years ago spoke to todays Rotherham Star, claiming that the club had refused his offer of help.

"We, like thousands of fans and the club's directors, have the Millers at heart. We are working with investors who have the financial strength to make a difference to Rotherham United". he told the Star.

"We are frustrated that the club has dismissed our help. Considering the position the club is in right now it is surprising that they do not want any further meetings. We put past differences behind us but came away from this meeting feeling there was something personal preventing us being able to help Rotherham United." he added.

Since the release of the Star, the Millers board have reacted and gave a statement to the clubs official site stating their side of the story and the fact that according to them, Maccio still owes the club money despite resigning in December 2006.

The statement is as follows:-

"Giles Brearley (Director) and Paul Douglas (Chief Executive) met with Dino Maccio and Alan Cartledge on 20th February at Brearley & Co offices in Swinton at 3-30pm, full minutes of the meeting were recorded and are kept on file, Alan Cartledge opened the meeting and announced that there were two parties interested in acquiring the club and that Dino and he were here to have talks on their behalf., Paul Douglas requested the ID of the interested parties but Alan and Dino refused to reveal this.

Giles Brearley explained that we can not release confidential details to unknown parties and as is standard business practice, a party has to sign a confidentiality agreement and demonstrate evidence of their funding ability. It is no point in us wasting time with anyone who has not the ability to complete.
Also at the meeting was John Green, who introduced himself as the former Chief Executive of Chesterfield FC, stating that he was also representing an interested party, he also refused to say who he was representing.

There has been no blocking of anyone, they have never re-approached us or asked for any other meetings.

Their failure to identify the mystery buyer is very strange.

If they are genuine! Why will they not comply, one asks the question?

The truth of the matter is that Dino Maccio owes the club money from his time as Vice Chairman and there is still an issue with Mr Cartlidge and Mr Maccio over an alleged breach of contract with the club.

One can't help but feel that their approach to the Media is just a publicity exercise.

Rotherham United F.C Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company and the whole of the club is available to the right party. The Directors are still in talks with various interested parties.

Any other interested parties should contact our solicitor David Hinchcliffe at Walker Morris in Leeds or our club Chairman Denis Coleman
Board of Rotherham United

Yet more fun and games - confused, bewildered, still in the dark? You're not the only Miller....

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