Millers recruit new recruiters

Last updated : 16 April 2019 By Millersmad

“It's a great opportunity to come into a club that I know and still have links to,” he told

“I'm really excited to get into the challenge of the job and to see where we can go with it. They're all lads that I've played with in what were fairly good times for the club so it's good to come into a new job but to be comfortable with people that you know and not have to take a couple of months to integrate."

“I know what Warney is all about, he was as a player, he is as a person and that doesn't stray too far from the remit of what we need to bring into the football club. I don't think it has changed too much from the days when I was playing here."

“We're still looking at things that are in place and I've been speaking with the analysts and the coaching staff. They are processes in place that we will certainly be utilising."

“Obviously everybody wants to put their own stamp on things and do certain things in their own way but I'm not one to shy away from something if it is in place and it's working already.”