Millers offer Lincoln apology

Last updated : 15 August 2008 By Millersmad Staff
Issues at the turnstiles meant that many of Lincoln supporters missed the kick-off and in some instances had to pay more than the advertised price as a lack of change caused chaos.

After receiving an official complaint that also went to the Football League, Douglas has been quick to send his apologies. "We wish to offer our sincere apologies to those people concerned and assure them that this was purely down to our operating an new pricing system at a new stadium and not having the luxury of having offices, safes etc on site to sort these types of problems out more quickly, as we would were Don Valley our own stadium," Douglas said in a statement to Lincoln City.

"We do not wish to profit form our own erros and as a gesture of goodwill to your supporters I will forward a cheque for £200 to go to a charity of your choice, which will cover over-payments.

"Finally we wish to assure yourselves and your supporters that the lessons of Saturday have been learned. We are proud of our record in looking after visiting supporters and hope that this incident will not have a lasting effect," added Douglas.

The Imps have decided to donate the money to local charity Children Links and Chief Executive Dave Roberts is happy at the resolution. "I was impressed with how seriously they took events and I believe they have dealt with the issues in a positive manner," Roberts told Lincoln's official site.

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