Millers in Crisis - What the hell is happening??

Last updated : 03 March 2008 By Bigrich.....
Deafening, that is what the silence coming out of Millmoor is at present, apart from last Fridays snippets in the Advertiser, Millers fans have been fed very little on whats happening in our present cash crisis apart from that we're skint.

Well thats something we've known for a long time, but what are the possible implications of our situation and whats being done to try and sort it..

Today (Monday) was 10 working days since Rotherham United servied notice to appoint an administrator, which gives the club protection from its creditors for 10 days, today something should have happened, but as usual us fans, the customers are kept in the dark.

MillersMAD understands that the club have filed for an extension to the notice, which gives the club another 10 days of protection.

However, a short term measure it certainly is... The courts normally allow 2 such extensions until it forces the business to do something, therefore giving the Millers a probable maximum of 20 days protection before the Administrator is called in.... Then what happens?????

Possible promotion? forget that... Relegation fight?? could be!! But what is more worrying is will the appointed administrator have enough cash to fund the club during the administration period??

Unless that backer is found, and soon.. We all could be going to Parkgate every Saturday.... Unfortunately it will be for the shopping!


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