Millers exit administration as Stewart signs in.

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After weeks of speculation and worry, Tony Stewart has finally signed the deal and has officially taken control of the Millers.

Speaking to this week Advertiser, Stewart explained the delay and the short term plans; "It (the deal) should have been signed and sealed last week but that wasn't possible. But this week we have had the solicitors down and we have signed on the dotted line,"

"Now we have to go through the CVA, which is the next step. But we are moving for­ward and it is tremendous news for the club. Everything was completed and we are moving the club offices out of Millmoor to Mangham House at Barbot Hall, which should be operational in the next month, while we are looking at a town centre presence as well."

"The completion was signed without any shocks or surprises and it was a formality. Now we've got to get our heads down and get on with it." Stewart added.

However, the club still have to pay off their creditors via a CVA, if that is done withen the next 5 weeks then the club wont be hit with an additional points deduction.

"We have to make sure that what we are doing is in keeping with what the Football League and the FA require. We need to make sure we have a nice transition coming out of this administration. To have had these problems twice within 18 months isn't good news and the club now needs something different." Stewart said

Tony then set his stall out for the future of the club; "We want people to know that we are now going in as a professional body with a long-term view, not just keeping Rotherham United afloat but being ambitious and putting the right people in to do a job for us. It's not just about throwing money at it, it's about having ajob to do. If we are going to play football, then we are going to play bloody well."

"I started my business with innovation and I know what that's about. Our product at Rotherham United is football and if that prod­uct is not good then it won't sell. We have got to put the energy into it. We all want the same thing at the club, we want a team that's going to go through the league and reach the Championship and it is possible, look at Hull City but we have to look at the long term."

Roger Stone
"The club has got to have a heartbeat and momentum and drive and that's what we'll do.

"We have had some terrific support from Roger Stone and Mike Cuff at Rotherham Borough Council and we have also worked with the local MPs, I can't praise them enough. Sometimes people are only to quick to knock these people, but they have done a great job for the club."

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