Millers didn't appeal Newey card

Last updated : 09 March 2011 By Deano

Moore watched the decision over the weekend and told Radio Sheffield that after waiting for the refs report, Newey will be dealt with internally and the club haven't appealed.

"I thought it was harsh on Saturday and I looked at it again on Sunday and still thought it was harsh.

"Then this morning (Monday) I looked at it on the BBC website, which shows it in full and you can see that although Tom doesn`t thump him hard, he does have a clenched fist in the lads stomach", said Moore.

"If you do that in front of the referee you are going to get sent off. It was ludicrous to get involved anyway. We decided not to appeal because he is already out for three games and it would definitely have made it four.

"We can`t be having that and he`s let everyone down so it will be dealt with here."

Callum Kennedy will take Newey's place in the side at Bradford tonight.