Millers aiming to keep Wardy

Last updated : 20 April 2017 By Millersmad

The Millers rejected a bid of over £2million for the striker in the January transfer window, and after activating a clause in his contract to keep him with the Millers for an extra year, The Millers are in the driving seat regarding any transfer bid comes in.

“Only if an offer comes in near our valuation will we consider selling him, The chairman said that to me, so if someone comes in with a cheeky offer we will just keep him for the season and get as many goals out of him as we can.” Warne told the press today.

"Danny hasn’t got worse since January so I would have thought his value is around the figure of what the chairman wanted before, I don’t think he has devalued and the chairman says we don’t need to sell, so if we can keep him on and involve him in a promotion push that would be ace.”

“I don’t know of any interest in Danny yet, I think when the season finishes the phone will start ringing again. He had had a good year, playing in a poor team and scoring as many goals as he has. I think his overall performances have been really good and I think he will be an excellent addition to any team. But if he stays here, I would be cock-a-hoop.”

“In January everyone said that if we didn’t sell him he would down tools and I don’t think that has been the case, If someone really wants to sign him, given how good he is and how young he is, I don’t think our valuation of him is extreme."

“It is always nice for a striker to score, with Wardy, his workrate and everything he gives to the team, especially since he has been captain, is pretty admirable. He has been playing out of position for me. He has played wide in a four, wide in a five, up top on his own, up top in a two. He does whatever we ask."

“He is a great pro to work with, a great human being. I am glad he is scoring goals because his workrate and effort deserve that.”