Millers aim to salvage Derek's Clock

Last updated : 11 July 2008 By Bigrich.....
Derek who was paralysed at the age of four after contracting Polio was a Millers superfan, never missed a game and always had comment about the club.

Sadly he passed away nearly 15 years ago aged just 45 and the club honoured him with a clock on the railway end.

However, the clock could'nt be removed in the initial exit of Millmoor.

Paul Douglas explained all to the Advertiser; "We recognise the sentimental value of this and important though it is, there were other thing that needed to be sorted out as a priority when we left the ground."

"We did send someone to try and get the dock down but it needed special equipment which we did not have."

"I have seat a message to the Booths saying we wish to collect it and I'm waiting for an answer. I don't anticipate any problems." he added.

Where the clock will be situated when it is reclaimed it remains to be seen. But it could be used at Mangham House - the clubs new headquarters or in the new stadium if/when that gets builts. The chances of it being erected at DVS seem slim.

Speaking to the 'Tiser fan Martin Barron said; "Derek Dalton was Rotherham United's most dedicated fan. He did such a lot for the dub and I remember that there was a struggle to get this clock put up in his memory."

"I hope it can be taken down, cleaned up and erected at the new ground as a lasting tribute to Derek." he added.

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