Meanwhile, a tree hugger oppose the plans..

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Sylvester thinks that the former Guest & Chrimes site should be turned into housing.

"An authority which is so short of land that it has to look at digging up the green belt should be using brown-field sites like this for housing, The council have spent months looking at brown-field sites for the new stadium rather than committing the same resources to the search for alternatives to the green belt for housing." Sylvester told the Advertiser.

He also blasted the plans for the Millers new training facility at the Forty Martys playing fields; "Plans to virtually give the fields at Wingfield to the Millers are not acceptable. We are now being asked to give up our playing fields and countryside for the greater good of the town and the Millers."

"I'm sorry, but that is an unacceptable burden for this community to share." he added.

I would like to ask Michael the following questions... 1) Would you personally like to live on the G&C site?? 2) Would you oppose if it were the Rugby club that were moving into a new stadium on the site?

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